[Practical] Operational Guidelines for the Transportation of Bulky Cargo in Logistics (Part 2)
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[Practical] Operational Guidelines for the Transportation of Bulky Cargo in Logistics (Part 2)

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Violation penalties

(1) For transporting large objects without approval, commercial transport operators shall be fined not more than 5,000 yuan, and non-commercial transport operators shall be fined not more than 2,000 yuan.

(2) Transportation operators who transport large objects beyond the approved categories shall be fined not more than 3,000 yuan.

(3) If the sign light (flag) is not installed or the installation does not meet the requirements, a fine of not less than RMB 100 but not more than RMB 300 per train will be imposed.

Program Guidelines

1. When handling the consignment procedures, in addition to general regulations, the shipper must submit a cargo description, as well as specific requirements for loading, unloading, reinforcement, etc. Under special circumstances, the shipper must also apply for a shipping permit from the relevant department. The carrier should review the relevant information provided by the shipper, understand the specific characteristics of the goods, select a suitable vehicle, and then go through the transportation formalities when it has the conditions and capabilities for safe transportation.

2. The carrier should, based on the dimensions of the large cargo and the quality of the cargo, work with the shipper to survey the operation site and operation route before departure, understand the road alignment and bridge and culvert passing capacity along the way, and formulate a transportation organization plan. If other departments are involved, they should be reported to the relevant departments in advance and obtain consent before shipment can begin.

⒊ Develop technical plans and operating procedures for cargo loading, unloading, reinforcement, etc., and strictly implement them to ensure reasonable loading, reliable reinforcement, and safe loading and unloading. If the carrier is responsible for the loading and unloading operations, the operations should be carried out according to the shipper's requirements, the characteristics of the goods and the loading and unloading operating procedures. If the shipper is responsible, the carrier should drive the vehicle to the loading and unloading location according to the agreed time and supervise the loading and unloading.

⒋If the transportation of large goods is over-limit transportation, you should apply for an "Over-limit Transportation Vehicle Pass" from the highway management agency in accordance with regulations, and drive according to the approved route. When transporting large goods in urban areas, they must be reviewed by the public security organs and municipal engineering departments and issued with a transportation permit before they can be transported.

⒌ Operate according to the designated route and time, and hang obvious safety signs on the longest, widest and highest parts of the cargo. When driving during the day, hang flags; install sign lights when driving at night and when parking and resting to warn passing vehicles. For special goods, special vehicles must be provided to guide the way and obstacles must be removed in a timely manner.

⒍Transportation costs shall be determined through negotiation between the contractor and the consignor. The costs of road reconstruction, bridge and culvert reinforcement, obstacle clearance, escort, loading and unloading due to the transportation of large, special and heavy objects shall be borne by the shipper.

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