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Financial Service

CNS INTERTRANS has strong financial strength, providing short and medium-term financing for our partners, helping customers with capital turnover difficulties solve financing problems, advance funds, short-term financing, accelerate capital turnover, and enhance corporate competitiveness; 
CNS has a good bank Credit, with a complete internal credit risk assessment mechanism, experienced trade finance experts, and standardized operating procedures, we can quickly help our partners to advance payment for goods, advance taxes, issue/collect letters of credit, import and export bills, and other series of capital turnover Difficulties; help partners avoid foreign exchange settlement losses in international trade settlement and reduce exchange risks.
Service area:
 Issuing/issuing letters of credit on behalf of others
 Import and export bills
 Pay/collect payment on behalf of goods
 Pay customs duties and value-added tax on your behalf
 Support multiple settlement methods (L/C, D/P, D/A, O/A)
 Zero-in-transit fast foreign exchange payment and other financial value-added services
Advance export tax rebate, export loan financing, advance payment of import duties
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