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Customer Cases
Case 1 : Transported project cargo Soybean Crushing Plant from China to Santos, Brazil
In April 2023, CNS INTERTRANS transported project cargo Soybean Crushing Plant from China to Santos, Brazil. There are a total of 35 Packages,Due to the large size and limited land transportation, we have adopted a direct loading method of barge and mother vessel to smoothly gather and load the goods at the port, finally the delivery was successfully completed at destination.

DESCRIPTION OF CARGO: 4000MTPD Soybean Crushing Plant
Weight: 600MT
Volume: 3900CBM
Throughout the operation and transportation process, CNS INTERTRANS always adheres to the principles of professionalism, efficiency and safety, adopts the best solution, attaches great importance to safety, and follows relevant operating procedures and safety standards to ensure the safety of personnel and cargos, as well as the safety of goods. Shipped smoothly.
Case 2 : Transported Pinned Tubes from China to Santos, Brazil
In October 2022, we transported Pinned Tubes for one company. The cargo were exported from China to Santos, Brazil. A total of 9 packages of cargo were transported by bulk carrier, were successfully collected and loaded at the port, and finally successfully delivered at the destination, winning praise from customer.

Weight: 60000KGS
Volume: 70CBM
Case 3 : Transported oversized cargos from Shanghai to Santos, Brazil
In November 2022, CNS INTERTRANS transported oversized cargos for a company. The cargos were exported from Shanghai to Santos, Brazil, and shipped smoothly by BBK mode of transportation. Before transportation, evaluate the size, weight, shape and transportation requirements of the cargos, and choose the appropriate transportation route to ensure the safe transportation of the cargos.
Case 4 : Transported large-scale machinery equipment from China to Santos, Brazil

In October 2022,CNS INTERTRANS transported large-scale machinery equipment for a company. The equipments are exported from China to Santos, Brazil, and the transportation method is BBK. Securely securing and stabilizing equipment is critical to the transport process. Use professional fixing equipment and binding methods to ensure that the equipment is stable during transportation and will not move or be damaged. CNS provides the most professional solutions throughout the transportation process to ensure the smooth shipment of cargos.

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