2023 XLP AGM Was Successfully Held in Barcelona, Spain!
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2023 XLP AGM Was Successfully Held in Barcelona, Spain!

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From October 30 to November 2, 2023, the XL Projects Network (XLP) AGM was successfully held in Barcelona, Spain! As a member of the organization, CNS INTERTRANS was invited and sent an elite team to attend this "international gathering" to meet with top management and decision-makers of other companies and exchange experiences.

About XLProjects (XLP):

Since October 2012, XLProjects Network (XLP) has a great influence in the independent project transportation and leasing industry. Some of the world's best-known project logistics companies have joined XLProjects and do business with each other. All member partners have unique advantages in heavy lifting, bulk cargo and project logistics transportation, whether by sea, air or land.

As usual, the three-day event was very busy. This conference included keynote speeches, a banquet, one-on-one interviews and other activities. CNS team is also honored and cherishes this gathering to discuss the project freight business and established logistics cooperation relationship.

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